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Prayers for Parents ebook for a happier and spirit-filled parenting journey

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Welcome to Prayerful Parenting

Prayers for Parents ebook was made to make family life better. Inside, you’ll find simple prayers for talking better, being closer, handling tough times, and making fun moments with your family.

what's inside

In this prayer guide, you'll find:


Prayers focused on fostering honesty, openness, and perfect love within relationships, emphasizing the importance of being bold and confident in expressing truth, seeking guidance in communication, and trusting that with God at the center, love can overcome fear.


Guiding couples in deepening their connection, navigating various seasons of life together. These prayers emphasize the importance of mutual submission, cultivating servant hearts, building a strong trust bond, giving each other grace, and expressing gratitude for the gift of each other.


Discover wisdom in training and discipline, aiming to honor God in actions and words. Find guidance for tough lessons, seeking peace and encouragement. Embrace a prayer for godly community, desiring relationships that share wisdom and embody the love of Jesus.


We pray our kids walk with Christ, find future spouses surrounded by Godly influences, enjoy friendships marked by generosity, and experience health, protection, and prosperity. We also pray for teachable hearts in learning and a strong identity in Christ, standing blameless and strong.

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